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Send in the clowns

Posted in Gossip, news, Vert jocks, Who Gives a Shit, WOW on August 14, 2009 by lesterCorp.

live Mega Ramping and the double pitts to chesty crew could be coming to town.

If this happens it will be good and bad, a beautiful tragedy if you will…





Posted in Who Gives a Shit on July 10, 2009 by lesterCorp.

Go read the book Running the table, very sick.

Cool Shit.

Posted in Who Gives a Shit on July 18, 2008 by lesterCorp.

This is the kind of shit that makes me want to skate. Not robots jumping off a building… not that there is anything wrong with that.

Whenever I post this stuff I feel like Cliff Huxtable talking about jazz to his kids…. ” With the hipin’ and the hoppin’ they don’t know what the jaaaaaazz is all abouuut”

Air Jordan Flipsyde (flipside)

Posted in Gossip, Who Gives a Shit on May 3, 2008 by lesterCorp.

I can just imagine the board meetings.

Corporate suit-“flipside?!. can’t we have something a little more, well, urban?”

Totally rad marketing dude- “uh yeah. I bring to you…the flipsyde!!! flipsyyyyyde! not flipside. you see?…flipsyyyyyde. totallly urban!.”

Corporate suit-“hhhhhhmmmmm ok. sounds great. just rastafy it buy 10% and we are done.”




Dumb Dee Doo…

Posted in mildly entertaining, Who Gives a Shit on February 28, 2008 by lesterCorp.

Not a lot going on in the skossip world as of late. Maybe its because everyone is tied down in long term unbreachable contracts with huge multi-national corporations… or not.

I found this to kinda interesting. I know Hendy will hate on it! C’mon Hendy why are you always hating?


Posted in Who Gives a Shit on December 30, 2007 by lesterCorp.

Watching the Lakai vid a couple of times made me think. If Ty and those dudes can get Guy to film a full part, why not Gino, for the next Girl Films International production. Not that Gino should ever have a two song part. Gino is the master of quality over quantity,but a solid 2.5-3 min part would be sick. Maybe Ty should just edit together Ginos 20 shot, Trilogy, Choco tour and Yeah Right parts for the ultimate fuck you my shit still stands up 10-15 years later sting to the eyeball. hhhmmm just a thought.

I wish my computer had a built-in VHS player

Posted in Who Gives a Shit on December 15, 2007 by menacetech

How sick would that be? “Behold, dudes–the future!” Then I’d throw in, like, 411 #4.

Speaking of which–well, actually, fuck, no. I was trying to think of a clever way to get into this post about Lib Layraman, who had a Wheels of Fortune in that very 411. Funny, no? So, yeah, the other day lesterCorp. and I were talking about all the skate trivia we remember–really useless facts, like where Lib Layraman got his hair cut: Undercuts. “They groomed me,” he explains. That was late ’93. A year later, he was pro. A year after that, he was done.

What’s the point? I can’t think of one. I mean, most of our other posts are more salient than this one, and that’s saying a lot. 

Honestly, I doubt Lib Layraman even remembers where he got his hair cut in late ’93.