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Keenan Dunk

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These are the best dunks i have ever seen. Too sick.




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Picture 110

Picture 112

Picture 113

Picture 116

Picture 117

Picture 126

Picture 131

Picture 145

And Winner… Antoine.

Picture 133

Send in the clowns

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live Mega Ramping and the double pitts to chesty crew could be coming to town.

If this happens it will be good and bad, a beautiful tragedy if you will…



Homer car/ DC megaramp shoe

Posted in Vert jocks on August 5, 2009 by lesterCorp.

Remenber when uncie Herb had Homer design a car?



The car was a “monstrosity”, cost too much and no one would ever buy it.

While watching this DC video, the Homer car is what i thought of. DC spent all kinds of money on a shoe for “mega ramping”, last i checked there was like 8 dudes on earth who “megaramp” and most of them have ¬†shoe sponsors other than DC. Not hating… just saying…

Big 4. MACBA. R.I.P

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