Menace Tech

At about, oh, four minutes and 11 seconds, the three videos posted above probably contain more Steven Cales footage than he produced as a pro. The first one is the best. But what’s most remarkable about it isn’t that Cales is wearing a Cream shirt, or that it also features Ivan Perez, who came out with even less shit than Cales, or that Supreme wouldn’t give Ivan a board, or that it presumably aired on French television (which isn’t too surprising, considering France’s enduring love for the directorial oeuvre of Larry Clark, to which the narrator refers.) No, what’s remarkable is that it was posted by a YouTube user named ‘naoutlaw,’ who I can only surmise is Angel Nieves, a mid-’90s New York local who skated with those dudes. He rules.

I’m not sure what to say about the other videos. Does Cales work at Podium now? And who is that girl? Whatever, though. Cales rules, too.


2 Responses to “Menace Tech”

  1. no one cares Says:

    your posts are pointless

  2. lesterCorp. Says:

    WOW that in its self was deep!
    You should refer to the Departed post.

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