Ha! This is also your life.

From the Rant Line in the Montreal Mirror:

M I just think it’s so fantastic that the 35-year-olds on the cover of the Mirror this week have a place to skate again. You know, nobody understands how hard it is for a 35-year-old skateboarder. You try and skate in the park, they kick you out. You try and skate in the parking lot, they kick you out. Go to the Old Port, the man is always hassling you down there, bugging you about your receding hairline and the FADED TATS. So I think it’s amazing that our city’s middle-aged skateboarders now have a place to congregate and really work on their style, get it down cold. Truly, the last decade or so without Taz Mahal has probably taken a piece out of their ability. So, you know, good looks, good looks. You guys look like you’re ready to fucking thrash and, you know, skate or be stupid, what’s up? [BLEEP!]


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