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Daniel Kim

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Someone sent me this.Who is this dude? He rips!!


New Heavys

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Its not too often we expand the roster over here at Temple. But when we do you can assure its for some real heavy duties.

So I guess this is the official announcement;

McGraw is now certified Temps.

Sometimes, When your young, you make mistakes. With that being said I give you lighting in a bottle…. The first and last recertification.


Buzz Lightyear Backpack is instock…

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The Buzz Lightyear backpack is now in stock.
Picture 122

Along with these…
Picture 123

and oh yeah… skatebording is cool, so hot right now!

Dill on “streetwear”

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The Blacklodges has an interview with Dill up.

Dill makes for a good interview, he always has something to say.

Some highlights;

“Yeah, we were doing more of our thoughtful designs but now I have so many examples of thoughtful designs to be led by….like the Hundreds and Crooks and Castles are putting out such fucking intelligent bullshit. I think I’m going to get a tattoo of a fucking bomb with a face on it….give me a break.”


“Totally…people can turn around and say, ‘that guy’s a cynical fuck.’ Yes, I am a cynical fuck. I can’t stand the brands that are out here. That’s why I killed my brand for a while. But every time I try to kill Fucking Awesome, I end up bringing it back and people are asking for more. I can’t stand these fucking brands. I can’t stand any of that streetwear horse shit anymore. I can’t believe I ever got into it. It is what it is, you know.”


“Yeah, when I first did Fucking Awesome, it took off like a rocket. One day it was just our funny little thing and it was fun….we were selling it through Supreme and they helped me launch it and get it out there. I remember the guys at Supreme were like, ‘Enjoy yourself now because it’s going to suck eventually.’ And I was like, ‘It’s not gonna suck.’ But yeah, it really sucks now.”

…and here are a couple reasons why Dill is one of everyones faves…