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McCourt has been part of the Temple fam for some time now.

Mike is one of those dudes that you rarely see pics and footy of

but when you do, the long wait is worth it.

backside flip and back tee. Straight izmness!
Backside Tailslide Fakie(1)



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Bobshirt has this Jeff Pang interview up.

Pang rules!

Temple Skate Supply Co.??

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Temple Skate Supply Co. is that us? not 100% sure on this. But it looks like after 20ish years, in one form or another, we finally made it in on the “Best of Montreal” list. dead last. Guess there is no where to go but up. We can only hope to one day be as “skate” as those other dudes on the list.

As seen in Expose mag…

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Check the steez on this bs 180 ng. He’s  not called  chickenbone for nothing!
Tyler Mayer bs 180 ng



A Dustin Lopez Original!

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Dustin recently livened up the shop with an air brush job.
Picture 007
Picture 008
Picture 011
Picture 001



Summer time Whip

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“The One” stopped by the shop in his summer time whip.

Mustang five point oh! watch out dings!
Picture 017
Picture 013
Picture 018


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Remember when Slap ran short fiction to accompany photos? The stories always had a skate theme–how it’s cool to skate alone or to skate at night or to skate with friends or to skate when you’re angry or to skate when you’re sad. Basically, skating is cool, you should keep skating, and if you don’t skate, you’ll feel empty. Complex narratives by some of skating’s finest prose stylists.

Anyway, they once ran a story about two dudes who found a new spot, with a surfeit of ledges, stairs and flatground space, in an unnamed downtown. One dude skated every day and got really good; the other profiled–in ’95-’96, that meant hanging out in Polo and Nautica and Nikes, which were still considered chill shoes–and drank 40s and smoked weed. Of course the serious skater, tired of the scene, left the spot and skated all kinds of shit, while the other dude chilled. At the end of the story, it’s understood that skating is productive and hanging out is not.

So, yeah, what’s the point? The other day, when I was nerding at Peace Park (see a couple of posts down), it dawned on me that laptops are the new chill shoes.

What a convoluted post.