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What the hell is this all about? Sounds like it would be super corny. Does Jordan not have enough money? Now he needs some skateboard money???!! “How much is enough?…. How many yachts can you water ski behind??”

Yeah yeah yeah we all skated Jordans way way back, but this is SUSPECT!!!!!!

…and the truth shall set you free…

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Couldn’t be said better!

These dudes are funny. Also check out the recent fugaze Dustin Dollin press release they made.

This just in…

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Cyrock called to confirm he will be skating DC lynx this year, again. ( he must have a secret stash)

I think the Lynx are one of the best DC shoes ever. What ever happened to DC?

oh yeah surf companies and Winners, not to mention Travis Barker. Ppppffffttt!



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                                    March 8
                                       March 9
  Snow Light snow
High -4°C -7°C
Light snow
P.O.P. 100% 60%
Wind NE 35 km/h W 25 km/h        
Low -6°C -8°C
Snow 15-20 cm less than 1 cm

Will the snow ever end? How long can this go on for? Damn you artic jet stream!!!!!