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Dumb Dee Doo…

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Not a lot going on in the skossip world as of late. Maybe its because everyone is tied down in long term unbreachable contracts with huge multi-national corporations… or not.

I found this to kinda interesting. I know Hendy will hate on it! C’mon Hendy why are you always hating?


2008: Year of the Park Rats

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Marc-André Daoust (no network) wrote
at 7:35pm yesterday
certainement la plus grosse ovation que j’ai eu de toute ma carrière de skater,c vrai ca me manque au boute.Quand je regarde ca j’ai le coeur gros et c’est pour ca que j’ai décidé de faire un comeback cet été 2008 pour un last part a vie et une dernière entrevue mais cette fois ci c’est seulement pour moi.Be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Skate or die!!!!!!!!!!

One way to rip a mini…

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Elloitt rips the mini, manny style…

Welcome to the begining of the end…

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I guess its more the begining of the end of the end of skateboarding,If you follow this stuff, ya follow me?Not even Rocco could save skateboarding now.

Burton Acquires Alien Workshop And Habitat
DNA Distribution, which includes skateboarding brands Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex, today announced that the company has been acquired by Burton.The two companies began discussions over a year ago and found that they share a common approach in the way that they contribute to boardsports culture, including a commitment to creating long-lasting relationships with their teams of international athletes. In addition, both are committed to advancing and innovating hardgoods technologies, as well as the artistry and creativity associated with these sports; supporting a solid team of amateur riders; and providing best customer service practices.DNA Distribution will continue to operate in Dayton, Ohio and CEO and Co-Founder Chris Carter will continue to oversee the DNA brands, which include Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex Bearings.

“We are very excited to bring the DNA family of brands to Burton – a company that we truly respect,” says Chris Carter, Chief Executive Officer for DNA Distribution. “Burton clearly leads their market in terms of team, innovation, marketing and values. Joe, Mike and I look forward to leveraging Burton’s strengths to reach the full potential for the DNA brands: Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex.”

“Through surfing and snowboarding we have learned that hardgoods are the foundation of all boardsports, and with the addition of DNA to our family, we are on our way to delivering skaters what they want and expect,” says Jake Burton, Founder and Chairman of Burton. “As with Al Merrick and the crew at Channel Islands, the relationship with Chris, Mike and Joe at DNA has been a natural fit right from the start. Everyone around here is committed to growing Burton into a true boardsports company, so I am confident that we can provide a home where DNA and their team of skaters can build upon what they have already excelled at in the skate industry.”

“We couldn’t have found a better company to work with than DNA,” says Laurent Potdevin, Burton’s Chief Executive Officer. “Burton and all of its brands are authentically committed to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding without distractions from other sports, products or categories. This acquisition completes a strategy that we have been very focused on for quite some time and marks a new milestone in the evolution of Burton and its family of brands.”

Return of the 1

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“One” has been skating again after almost six years. Today he turns a “twink” so if you see him around ask him “what’s your tip?”. But i’m sure after a long day of “scraping” he’ll just be “oging eems” to take a “steams”, burn a “yaj”, “rott” and be hunted by “high society”

The Ones book of slang coming soon???

P.S. “cocaine, meanface your ssiped!”