Supper’s Ready

Just got some copies of ryguys new vid. Mcourt has a bunch of izm footy in this. Mcourt is definatly one of “the last of the mohecians ” of the 20 shot/ trilogy era. While you were sending promos to  circa canada and front boarding a 12 stair, Mcourt was O’dweedsed at the local ledge spot thinking of maybe skating. So yeah, its a double disk set with , well some other vids on it.  Support the Mcourt and pick up a copy today… at Temple of course.

Picture 005

Picture 006


3 Responses to “Supper’s Ready”

  1. bon…Mc Court…Izmness of course…Fs Flip …Pure n stylish wat can i say … SKull OFF !!!!
    Mec Tech..Aka CyrocK … ^0^

  2. Is Mike & bros part of the black nobility, the club of 300’s, a 33rd degree?? I’m down wit that cover 8)

  3. my bro and i made the dvd box.

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