Sparking Trucks

This is one of the reasons I, along with i’m sure many other dudes my age, started skating.  As you can see over the last 20 years or so the po po situation hasn’t changed! Dicks.!

The first person to name all five dudes who did the skating wins a Temple board!!


8 Responses to “Sparking Trucks”

  1. Steve Caballero,Steve Saiz,Tommy Guerrero,Tony Hawk & Lance mountain :]


  2. lesterCorp. Says:

    ver very close, but nope. keep guessing

  3. Steve Cab, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Tommy G, Mike McGill.

  4. lesterCorp. Says:

    WINNER!! wINNER!! WE HAVE A WINNER!! Good work bro!
    I will be emailing you in the next couple of days.

  5. And to add some techness to all this, i’m not 100% sure, but i think Hosoi and Chris Miller are the ones launching over the cop car later in this part of the movie…

    Popo Academy 4 got me into it too 😉

  6. niice i was too lazy to check the credits from the movie!
    it was fair..lazyness doesn’t pay ;]

    for the skate nerd,there’s a making of that part in dvd’s fun to watch it



  7. interested Says:

    what’s the title of the movie? i want a dvd of it.

  8. lesterCorp. Says:

    Police academy

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