Hey maaaaan, don’t kill the messanger!!

This has been floating around for about a month or so. Its only 2 weeks into ’08 and this guys is doing pretty well, I’d say he’s looking to finish in the 85% correct range… but what do I know? Maybe this dude has a tws biz from the future, like m.j. fox and the sports almanac.


I wish it was all the same as when I was a youngster but I’m sad to say the skate industry is about to go the way of the surf industry, the ski industry, and the outdoor industry before that. Believe it or not  they all were the shit when they first started but every industry gets infested by greed. Biznes Majors?.. I took notice when Penny left Es and I’ve been watching the radar for you ever since here is  a glimpse into the debauchery of 08…

Rowley and Arto move to a new Burton backed shoe company.

Burton Buys Workshop and habitat

Appleyard follows his friends and leaves Globe

Blitz breaks up… Flip to NHS… Baker gives up ownership of its name and starts under a new Distribution(deathwish).

TK Rides for ES (the true sign of the end)

Sheckler Wins the X Games and Finally takes his place as the new reynolds

Photo incentive photo shopping scandals

Big Brother Comes back but only on the internet

Krew gives up traditional skateboard marketing for hollywood glam

Alphanumeric comes back

Circa sells out but hides it by starting a combat division. (pay attention to the left hand while being distracted by the right)

Burton brings birdhouse under its corporate wing

Purple Pants become hip

Steroids become the norm…

I dont give a fuck…Fuck Money….Its not about the money its about the moment a witch doctor taught me that.. I know you think I’m crazy but thats for you to decide next year…. See you in 365……..PEACE BARKS AT THE MOON


2 Responses to “Hey maaaaan, don’t kill the messanger!!”

  1. BOS/LA NBA finals

  2. […] others the noble Canucks of Temple Skate Supply put up the list here but I’ll re-post bit by bit, starting with one prediction that finally came true yesterday […]

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