The Aryan Army

I can’t remember if it was Omae or JDG who came up with this name (more on skate nerds tomorrow); it’s a fitting title for the late ’90s Plan B, though, after Danny Way bought it from Rocco and Ternasky’s widow and founded ARMAGEDDON DISTRIBUTION, which handled Plan B, Platinum (a company named after a strip club) and XYZ Clothing (which produced such tasteful garments as a pair of pants with “Fire Extinguisher” written inside the fly and a t-shirt with a graphic of a bullet-riddled rainbow, because, make no mistake, Danny Way has no tolerance for gays).

Or rap music. I mean, this skit might seem kind of silly, maybe even tongue-in-cheek, but I suspect it’s a pretty accurate reflection of Danny Way’s sensibilities, Camaro, BMX bikes, gnarly Australian speed freaks and all.

The skating in this part is sick–you can’t fuck with a halfcab heelflip bs 5-0 on vert–but would Danny Way even drop in on an 11- or 12-foot vert ramp anymore? I think he only skates megaramps at undisclosed locations or the Great Wall of China these days.

And the Pappas brothers–how hard did Benvis and Tashead fall off? I heard they were kicked off Santa Cruz for saying something like they were “gonna turn this shitty company around” at their signing party or whatever. Which actually rules.


2 Responses to “The Aryan Army”

  1. Didn’t one of the Pappas brothers die or go to prison or some shit?

  2. it wasn’t me.
    however, if my kids all end up skating, my house might end up like the danny/damon way house of the late 80s early 90s–no rules, ramps everywhere, explosions, firearms etc etc.

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