“And then, there he was–the Gonz.”


What else would Leigh Peterson have been saying to Jason Dill? I guess they could have been talking about Natas and 101, or maybe–fuck, who knows. And, really, who cares? One thing’s for sure, though: Peterson wasn’t talking about shooting that Arcade team ad–you know, the one where SAD and Tyrone Olson, flanked by, like, Jason Rogers and Daniel Haney, are giving each other a pound. I mean, doesn’t he shoot nudes of his mom hanging out with bikers now? And why did he change his name–to further his art career? I once had a girlfriend who wanted to do that. I don’t know, man. With this whole ’90s skate revival happening, he’s probably wont to talk about his part in the 101 promo. His Foundation part–after which he disappeared–not so much.


One Response to ““And then, there he was–the Gonz.””

  1. “Hey! Aren’t you the guy from the worst video part ever?”

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