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Supper’s Ready (again)

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24, 2008 by menacetech

MIKE says:
im glad [lesterCorp.’s] stoked
menacetech says:
ha that’s all that matters–that temple’s stoked.
MIKE says:
yeah for sure
MIKE says:
its a high seal of approval

lesterCorp. says:
mcourt is stoked that i’m stoked–that stokes me. i’m stoked for his goals
lesterCorp. says:
and to top it all off he has found a chill girl


Supper’s Ready

Posted in news on January 24, 2008 by lesterCorp.

Just got some copies of ryguys new vid. Mcourt has a bunch of izm footy in this. Mcourt is definatly one of “the last of the mohecians ” of the 20 shot/ trilogy era. While you were sending promos to  circa canada and front boarding a 12 stair, Mcourt was O’dweedsed at the local ledge spot thinking of maybe skating. So yeah, its a double disk set with , well some other vids on it.  Support the Mcourt and pick up a copy today… at Temple of course.

Picture 005

Picture 006

It will always be MENACE to us

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 Well its looking like 2008 will be the year of the “comeback”. If anyone truly deserves to “comeback” its kareem. Be it via Axion, City stars or finesse. Actually scratch finesse that’s just plain wack. kareem basically single handily made modern skateboarding “cool”. Now I could write a 17 point dissertation  validating that statement, but hey i won’t! All the new City Starts needs is the Creeper to do the graphics again, Javier to be the only rider and Soc to film the promo which would be 2 mins long and end with “video coming soon…”.




Check out this video: Words By Kareem Campbell

Sparking trucks revisited

Posted in mildly entertaining on January 15, 2008 by menacetech

-One thing we didn’t mention: That skate sequence was shot in downtown Toronto, around–and in–the Eaton Center. Fucking rad.

 -The next Temple video will feature a Police Academy 4-esque skit, followed by a skate part–probably Jens’–edited to that “Shoot for the Top” song. Does anyone know what band that is?

“I’m gonna get the guys and go skating, then go for some beers at Bifteck.”

“Let’s go.”

Temple video coming soon!

The Skate Book

Posted in izmness on January 13, 2008 by lesterCorp.

So yeah, I keep hearing about THE SKATE BOOK. Heard its going to be a free quarterly. I think Mike Ballard is behind it or has something to do with it, which means it should be of the up-most quality. Free, quarterly, skateboarding and skateboard culture. A year from now Vice will buy it and turn it into a steaming pile of dung!! My only hope is that THE SKATE BOOK is AA ad free!


Sparking Trucks

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This is one of the reasons I, along with i’m sure many other dudes my age, started skating.  As you can see over the last 20 years or so the po po situation hasn’t changed! Dicks.!

The first person to name all five dudes who did the skating wins a Temple board!!


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 scan0002.jpg     scan0001.jpg

 The McBride brothers are/were sick. Especially Lavar. He was so good so young, and i’m not talking about little kid benihana off a kicker in his dads drive way good. Lavar had style at 13,  destroyed hubba at 15 and was pretty much done at 20.

 …and Marcus…heelflip 50 hubba.