So someone on the Slap board said Kareem’s bringing City Stars back–through Premium. But wasn’t CS supposed to come back through ATM a couple of years ago, and through Vision before that? And isn’t Kareem on Finesse skateboards with–fuck–Josh Kasper and Steve and Rod James?

I don’t know, man. Frozen in Carbonite should just re-finance his house and buy the Menace name, if only for the sake of the Temple dudes.


3 Responses to “Skossip”

  1. Yes. I think that would be a wise move. There certainly aren’t enough skateboard companies out there–the market definitely needs another one.

    ps. you forgot Affiliate–the other all-minority company.

  2. menacetech Says:

    Your bank will definitely be down.

  3. Knigge fan Says:

    hahahahaha Kareemium wood….

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