The height of wackness

Tony Hawk doing a 900 at the 2001 X-Games. “No squatty there, buddy!” Holy fuck. Nothing bespeaks the lameness of the period (1999-2001, pretty much) like the dude holding the “900!” sign 12 seconds into the video.

Or this:

lesterCorp. and I watched this video the other night, the first time either of us had seen it. 1999 through 2001 basically seems like a long succession of unlikelihoods. How did kids ever buy into a company whose riders all wore enormous track pants and did choppy flip-in-flip-out tricks at San Diego schoolyards? And then there’s Dave Mayhew, Wisconsin’s moonboot millionaire. I just don’t get it. But all that pales in comparison to what you’ll see 21 minutes and 40 seconds into this video: Josh Kasper ollieing over rail and down a wall–and over a DJ. Then he skates that covered blue handrail to the Prodigy before the part culminates with him ollieing a set of stairs to an Offspring song. I swear, dude, only in San Diego…


One Response to “The height of wackness”

  1. Peter Smolik was decent, I thought. Most of that video, however, did not stand the test of time. SW FS flip lateflip–there’s no reason for that. At least Rodney and Geo got some coverage.

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