Soul stealers

Back in the day some of the best skate/skater photos published were taken by  Ari Marcopoulos and Tobin Yelland. In ’96 there was an issue of TWS which featured Kalis on the cover, an Eric Koston interview and a Guy Mariano interview. It also had an Ari Marcopoulos photo feature. That issue just might be the best TWS ever!(and yes i do have a copy.) The following are taken by Ari


           marcopoulos_javier.jpg  marcopoulos_mikehern.jpg  marcopoulos_joeyal.jpg



check out for some gnar Andy Roy and track hopping by Mike Hernandez!


One Response to “Soul stealers”

  1. Joey Alvarez was good as hell. He was the first person I ever saw do sw hardflips on flat.

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