“Damn, look at those City Stars.” -Kareem Campbell

I think this was a classic case of ambition far exceeding talent. Not to undermine Kareems talentor ambition but Dre he was not. Kareem pretty much had the skate industry in a choke hold for the better part of the ’90s. I mean if in ’95-’96 if you didn’t have that MNC star shirt you were a kook. Then the millennium hit and skateboarding kinda went kook on a whole. As we often ask ourselves around here; what’s the point? well I’m not too sure, I mean i could go on for days about how amazing Kareem was, but i won’t… at-least not right now.


Back L to R; alleged commercial real-estate agent, Street wear giant brand manager, alleged dance hall DJ, expat barca local, alleged car mechanic.

Font L to R; lost in translation, who knows? and a multi million dollar shoe star!




6 Responses to ““Damn, look at those City Stars.” -Kareem Campbell”

  1. Awwwe shyts! I have that CD somewhere…

    Talking about the 90’s era, hip hop prophet Jeru The Damaja lists in the discography section of his website, his colab track to the Muska Beats album. Not too sure about that move neither…

  2. Kareem must be hating it, the real estate market is shit.
    I hope I don’t have to re-fi my house.

  3. Guilherme---->Brazilian! Says:

    Kareem is very good in this sport!I like be him!
    City Stars!!

  4. i love kareem cambell

  5. I agree. Kareem was a pretty good skater.

  6. where i can get the tracks of this cd?! Does anyone have the cd, and can put those track into rapidshare or megaupload ?!”PLEASE”

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