The 9Deez ruled!

The other night after i watched Fully Flared I said to menacetech “Its like the early 90’s on steroids. Longer grinds and slides, higher ledges and cleaner”. Guess i wasn’t the only one to notice;

All hail the 90’s! the best time in skateboarding. Especially the MNC years.


2 Responses to “The 9Deez ruled!”

  1. it’s kind of funny that Carroll and Koston both did tricks that Gino did in Snuff…and everyone did 5/0 kf out…Andy Stone did that one the Love ledge, which is not low. …whatevs

  2. Yea I was thinkin of this too. All the lip-to-grind combos and the flips out of lip tricks and all that. Pep did the front tail kickflip out on the pulaski ledge which aint low either, but nobody was getting as tech as these dudes on anything that big.

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