Lennie’s part from Alien Workshop’s ‘Timecode’ (circa 1997). As the story goes, the dumpster slam at the beginning of his part made him blind for a few hours. When he woke up in the hospital, he ripped out his IVs and ran out. A few months later, he was bombing a hill in San Francisco when a bus cut him off and ran over his stomach. He escaped unharmed. This is what led him to become a Jesus freak!


2 Responses to “LENNY KIRK”

  1. Ah, Lenny Kirk–one of the few gentlemen who appeared in both NY Revisited and LA County.
    A story: One night at Newport (that spot in NY with the wooden angle-ironed benches), Kirk was talking to Pappalardo about Jesus or whatever, brandishing a bible, etc. It was like he was trying to indoctrinate him or something. So apropos of nothing, Mike Wright comes up and flings the bible into the East River.
    Well, he actually flung the bible into the parking lot adjacent to the spot, but the story is better the first way.

    ps. Pappalardo’s part in FF is decent.

  2. I remember hearing Henri Sanchez yell out “LOOOONIE, come ON LOONIE, rip it up bro!!” during his run at Slam 96. Was pretty vintage… Altough i noticed he talked to himself alot.

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