New Deal

Armando Barajas and Julio de la Cruz. Same Thrasher as the World ad below. Julio’s running Neighborhood through a small-ass distributor now and I heard Armando went to college–what a geek–when he retired at the end of ’95.



2 Responses to “New Deal”

  1. When this ad come out I was to bussy skating for New Deal
    Can you send me this ad to my e-mail.
    I skate for fun now. I’m retired in Acapulco.
    Thank you for thinking I used to rule.
    p.s I used to be better before been sponser.

    • William Delgado Says:

      Both Julio and Armando are some of my home town hero’s. I grew up in Bell ca and they would both sk8 my older brothers mini ramp. If by chance you still follow this site it would be awesome to have a copy of that ad …. Im 31 years old and i still sk8 because of my those 2 dudes…
      Neighborhood, Central and Stamina Athletico for life !!! William Delgado …..
      PS ….. Where u at Julio ???

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