Ron Knigge

One of my favorite skaters ever. Too bad he couldn’t skate anything bigger than a small ledge–not even a Lockwood bench, as his part in Children of the Sun showed. But before that he did switch triple flips and fucking nollie 540 double flips at New Jersey’s best suburban spots and skated to Diamond D. By ’95, though, Knigge was finished. Thrasher printed that he was working for his father, a woodworker, but I also heard that he became a landscaper, and that he got into a car accident that wasn’t his fault and won an enormous amount of money that he continues to live off of,  and that he just smoked a lot of weed, got lazy and quit skating. So who knows.

 This ad is from February ’93. The video part came out early that summer.



6 Responses to “Ron Knigge”

  1. He stole all those tricks from FF.

  2. haha … That’s some new schools ass shit yo!

    Too bad about that steez though.

    Remember Armando?

  3. freaking youtube embedding crap!

  4. Ron was my favourite skater too, until he dropped off the skate scene ! His New Deal parts were something I used to watch on a daily basis.

  5. I Know Ron Knigge Says:

    Gossip is great – if you know what you’re talking about. Even Thrasher got it wrong.

    Ron Knigge retired in 1996 due to a back injury sustained in a car accident. That is correct. But there was no settlement. Believe me … there is no padded bank account to live off of! He is all for legalizing marijuana, but has not “gotten lazy” or become an unproductive member of society. During the past decade, he has worked for his family’s metal finishing business, graduated culinary school and started his own business.

    He recently did an interview for SLAP –

    He still lives in Jersey and still loves skateboarding, but spends more time on his Harley. And no, he doesn’t garden.

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