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Posted in Who Gives a Shit on December 30, 2007 by lesterCorp.

Watching the Lakai vid a couple of times made me think. If Ty and those dudes can get Guy to film a full part, why not Gino, for the next Girl Films International production. Not that Gino should ever have a two song part. Gino is the master of quality over quantity,but a solid 2.5-3 min part would be sick. Maybe Ty should just edit together Ginos 20 shot, Trilogy, Choco tour and Yeah Right parts for the ultimate fuck you my shit still stands up 10-15 years later sting to the eyeball. hhhmmm just a thought.



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This is Jens, he’s an O.G. ripper. Hes been down with Temple since the early ’90s when it was still Radical. I’ve known and skated with Jens for eighteen years now, wow we are old!


So yeah, he came out tonight and skated the mini. he hadn’t skated in a while but that didn’t slow him down.

Check this out; fakie bigspin chink chink to fakie! Basically Jens rules!!

A Temple Xmas Eve

Posted in Random on December 27, 2007 by lesterCorp.

So this is what a few of us did on Xmas eve…
Beer and mini-ramp
Beer Rock

Ping Pong

Menacetech does his best Kevin Harris impersonation

Oh yeah, the Boxing Day Sale will countinue ’till the New Year!



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Some of the spring SB clothing just came in.



big Jawn 001

big Jawn 002

There you have it.

Hipsters, Shoeheads and Skaterats get your Xmas grips ready for the peeling, this Boxing Day Sale is going to be “epic” as the kiddies say now-a-days.



Posted in Gossip on December 23, 2007 by menacetech

So someone on the Slap board said Kareem’s bringing City Stars back–through Premium. But wasn’t CS supposed to come back through ATM a couple of years ago, and through Vision before that? And isn’t Kareem on Finesse skateboards with–fuck–Josh Kasper and Steve and Rod James?

I don’t know, man. Frozen in Carbonite should just re-finance his house and buy the Menace name, if only for the sake of the Temple dudes.

Koston One

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Lots of questions today. Is Lakai remaking the Koston One? Is this some sort of photoshop hoax?Is this old news? Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet?…


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 But I get the feeling they won’t. Is kareem involved? Will Guy and Gino leave their respective sponsors? Will they make snowboard boots? “San Clemente”… will smolik be the first dude on? I get the feeling this will be a serious flop, god I hope not.


After reading this I get the feeling that the Axion Mega Picnic Table is one step closer to reality!