Ahmed Hunt


This is a Profile ad from January ’96. Don’t remember Profile? It was Henry Sanchez’s company; he, Karl Watson, Stevie Williams, Spencer Fujimoto and, of course, Ahmed Hunt skated for it before Sanch bounced to Platinum. Which means it ruled. So, yeah, Ahmed Hunt is maybe the most obscure skater of the ’90s.  According to Spencer Fuj, he only skated for a year; in that time he got sponsored, got an ad and quit. Two years later, in Strength magazine, Lee Smith listed him as one of his favorite skaters ever. What’s the point of this?  Kind of lost track a while ago. But Ahmed Hunt is always good at Temple. So are Lee Smith and Sanch.  


4 Responses to “Ahmed Hunt”

  1. The Sanch epicly latered is kind of depressing…

  2. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v197/JesseG/PROFILE.jpg[/IMG]

  3. i mean–“black rain”? what does that even mean? is it some kind of metaphor?

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