O.G. skate nerds

Before the Slap and Transworld message boards, there was alt.skate-board, on Usenet. You probably don’t know what Usenet is, and that’s fine. Just think of it as a message board wasteland. In the ’90s, though, it was the skate nerd meeting spot. Dudes on other boards still talk about it.

In ’97-’98, an a.s-b poster named tron411 started two of the most memorable skate rumors ever: Kareem dead and Stevie Williams suicide attempt. Big Brother reprinted the Kareem one in its entirety and Stevie mentioned his alleged suicide attempt in an interview, saying that he almost smacked a dude in a Philly skateshop for asking him about it. Transworld, of course, got it wrong, attributing the rumors to European skate nerds, meaning Acme’s Web guy. But tron411 is a Texan who moved to California to pursue skating; when that didn’t work out, he posted shit like this:

Newsgroups: alt.skate-board

From: tron411@aol.com (TRON411)

Date: 1998/01/04

Subject: kareem campbell; dead

dear readers..

how can i start this? superstar pro kareem campbell was killed earlier today..
at a party with the menace crew joey suriels firearm accidentally discharged
and shot mr. campbell in the chest.. guests reactions ranged from surprise to
dismay..  billy valdes acted swiftly and responsibly by calling the police who
arrested and jailed the intoxicated suriel.. he is set for arraignment on
monday.. kareem was in intensive care for eight hours and then died during an
attempt to remove the bullet from his breastplate.. fabian alomar was placed in
charge of all menaces business transactions until further notice.. kareem was a
talented skateboarder and will be dearly missed..


ps.. baby ‘reem was crushed during the confusion following the gunfire.

Newsgroups: alt.skate-board

From: tron411@aol.com (TRON411)

Date: 1997/12/12

Subject: !!!Li’l Stevie suicide attempt!!!!

dear reader..

i dont know how to say this.. our hero is in peril.. after a very difficult and
frustrating day of filming li’l stevie aka steve williams returned to his san
fransisco apartment and overdosed on drugs.. (gasp!) apparently he was bummin
bc he cant land any tricks until after night fall and was being pressured by
his sponsor.. the illustrious fit skateboards.  he came home.. popped in the
h-street video, lick.. and proceeded to drink thunderbird and take bottle after
bottle of sleeping pills.. stevies friends were alarmed when the next day he
didnt arrive at the pool hall to hustle like he usually does.. they arrived at
his house and found steve laying in a pool of his own vomit and waste. he had
been dead for 9 hours.. he was rushed to the hospital on a friends lowrider
bike.. doctors struggled to revive him and pumped his stomach eleven times.. he
was finally awakened when his pager went off and he awoke to check it.  his
friends took him out to eat in celebration and assured him that skateboarding
ability wasnt important for him to stay sponsored..  just film one sketchy
trick every six months and youll be set; said javier.. everyone was very happy
stevie survived and an important lesson can be learned.. consuming drano is
safer than drinking cisco..


ps.. unfortunately while the “crew” was at the hospital stevies apartment was
robbed..  everything was removed can opener, microwave, westside connection
cd.. the only items remaining was a package of fit product and lil stevies
footage.. apparently the burglar understood neither was worth shit.


4 Responses to “O.G. skate nerds”

  1. John Ryan Says:

    Sk8 or die, John.

  2. Why do people make up rumors like this? So pointless.

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