Great moments in skateboard journalism

In the late ’80s, when the Temple dudes started skating, skate mags–Thrasher, TWS, Poweredge–made every pro seem like a skate rat. If a pro wasn’t skating, he was, like, talking about it, or watching videos, or making a zine, or discussing the finer points of concave–how the Cruz Missile II and Cruz Control ‘caves differed. Important shit.

Or so we thought. Recently, I was re-reading an Eric Nash interview that Thrasher ran in Oct. ’90 and I realized that as a 10-year-old I didn’t really pick up on what pro skaters were about at the time. Not that I feel disillusioned or anything. Here are a few excerpts.

Bryce Kanights: What pisses you off?

Eric Nash: Traffic. When I used to go to Chino I’d have have a heart attack because I’d be stuck in traffic so long. My blood pressure would be raging so hard when I got there that I’d take one run and fall on the first trick. People with negative attitudes piss me off. I’m an optimist. People always say, “The world’s so messed up because of the smog and stuff,” which is is true. We are messing our world up horribly, but, I mean, people still stop at red lights. One symbol and all over the world people stop for it. It’s cool that we’re not so messed up we can’t have things like that. Maybe in fifty years or so our world will be clean. Chances are it won’t, but you never know.

Translation: I was high when I did this interview. Traffic harshes my mellow. But I can’t sound too pessimistic, so, uh, I’m glad people stop at stop lights.

BK: What do you think of AIDS?

EN: AIDS is a scary thing. Wise words to the little kids: use a condom! I think doctors will find a cure soon. It can’t go on like this.

Translation: I recently dodged a bullet.

BK: If you had three wishes, what would they be?

EN: I really only need one. I get bummed out when I see handicapped people and I wish I could make everyone equal, like wishing people with no legs could walk , wishing deaf people could hear. Sometimes I get bummed and I watch TV and see “Help the handicapped” or something, and I realize those people would do anything to switch shoes with me. A handicap could be anything people have a big complex over–like someone who’s got zits on his face, to make him a clear guy, or someone who’s been deaf for life, he can’t even have a preference in music–he just has to be stoked on watching people boogie.

Translation: Really high.

BK: You were in the Tom Petty “Free Fallin'” video with Kele Rosecrans and Joe Johnson. How did that come about?

EN: A guy at Vision named Brad Fanshaw somehow hooked us up with the Tom Petty crew and we put the ramp in a rad site overlooking the San Fernando Valley. They put us there with a bunch of models who did not know how to skateboard, except for one who knew how to surf and do kickturns back and forth. She’s the main girl and we taught her how to skateboard. She was the one in the super-tight bike shorts. She was hot and a very good sport. She kept slamming left and right and she just got back up like a cool trooper. She even wanted to come skate at my house afterward. We also got to meet Petty–full-on stoner.

Translation: I fucked that model, but not before getting high with Tom Petty.


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