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A fair assessment of this blog’s content

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¶ jéR says: i dont think nayone can relate to the shit ur sayin on ur site other than your little click there lol¶ jéR says: ur like posting shit to impress each otehr hahaha


Ahmed Hunt

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This is a Profile ad from January ’96. Don’t remember Profile? It was Henry Sanchez’s company; he, Karl Watson, Stevie Williams, Spencer Fujimoto and, of course, Ahmed Hunt skated for it before Sanch bounced to Platinum. Which means it ruled. So, yeah, Ahmed Hunt is maybe the most obscure skater of the ’90s.  According to Spencer Fuj, he only skated for a year; in that time he got sponsored, got an ad and quit. Two years later, in Strength magazine, Lee Smith listed him as one of his favorite skaters ever. What’s the point of this?  Kind of lost track a while ago. But Ahmed Hunt is always good at Temple. So are Lee Smith and Sanch.  


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Does anyone remember CENTRAL? I don’t think I have ever  physically seen a peice of Central clothing. But shit, the team was full of all the izm heads. Julio basically sponsored the pier and all the izm NYC/DC dudes. It later turned into Stamina which was just as sick.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I heard Stevie’s taking DGK to Blackbox

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Wow. That’s like if Kareem had done Menace through Tum Yeto. Not to belabor the whole Menace thing, though, dudes.

P.S. “Honesty is about keeping it real, so don’t sleep on the slept. MNC 9D5.”


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McCourt recently sent me that photo and this video. Check that frontside flip!


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This is Dustin Lopez. He rides for Temple. If you work for a shoe or board co. you should sponsor him, he rips!

P.S. I think he likes NIKE

Jesse from Cincinnati–RE: Prime Skateboards

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“And speaking of Prime, I remember we when me and you were watching 20 Shot and that part came on, and we decided the only way Quy could have ridden for Prime is by being ignorant that he was riding for them, like World just sent him a bunch of MNC decks and then put all his footage in the Prime sections. That really would have sucked. Being on Prime during the golden era of World, man that’s rough.”

“Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure we were talking about Shin Okada and not Quy.”